Board Support

For you as a (non-executive) board member the strategic plan is essential to ensure the long-term value maximisation of the company. It is important from a supervisory perspective, but also as a joint effort to steer the long-term success of a company.

We are experienced both in developing and reviewing strategic plans as well as communicating effectively between the management team and the board of directors.

SPBI can help you as a board member/shareholder when you need

  • … a second opinion on the strategic plan.
    Have all relevant scenarios been considered? Does the plan have the right level of ambition and can it realistically be implemented?
  • … a second opinion on risk management.
    Have the most important risks been considered and presented or are there recent developments that need to be considered? Has it been made clear which risks need urgent attention? Have sufficient risk mitigation actions been set up?
  • … to adjust the structure around Board meetings.
    Is the annual agenda optimally structured with fixed and recurring agenda items and with the right frequency? Have the right advisory committees to the board been set up (too few, too many)? Is the composition of the board still appropriate for the challenges that lay ahead? Is there sufficient secretarial support? Does the board structurally receive the right information at the right time?
Our services include:
Strategic Planning
Scenario Planning
Board Support
Strategic Partnerships
Business Improvements
Value Scan
Commercial Optimisation
Project/Company Valuation