Commercial Optimisation

Are you getting the best results from your commercial contracts or is there room for improvements? Are there ways to improve your customer value propositions?

We can help you with: 

  • Exploring significant Commercial Optimisation possibilities in your current contracts or customer value propositions.
  • Creating a roadmap to realise the most promising options in negotiations for both parties involved.

Examples of where we were involved in a leading role: 

  • Energy: gas sales contracts appeared to leave little room to optimise the exploitation of the capacity of the existing pipelines. Every field had booked pipeline capacity for 100% of its potential production all the time. By adjusting these rules and creating some flexibility, both buyer and seller were able to profit from a more favourable contract.
  • Healthcare: introduced a model by which pharmacists maintained maximum flexibility in the procurement of thousands of different drugs, while the insurance companies maintained control over their procurement costs.
  • Energy: in several countries existing production licenses were not future-proof under the prevailing terms and conditions. By addressing them with the authorities these terms and conditions could be adjusted. Important successfactors to achieve these adjustments: solid description of the cause and possible ways to solve the problems, a coordinated way of communicating and the will to achieve a shared solution.

Our services include:
Strategic Planning
Scenario Planning
Board Support
Strategic Partnerships
Business Improvements
Value Scan
Commercial Optimisation
Project/Company Valuation