Project/Company Valuation

When evaluating investment decisions or when deciding to start up new activities, you need to know what the financial/value impact is in terms of e.g. NPV or IRR. You will also want a quantification of the risks, e.g. what if costs are 30% higher or new revenue will be delayed by a year.

We have extensive experience in analysing, modelling, evaluating and presenting investment valuations for a wide variety of initiatives: e.g. building new plants, changing commercial terms of large contracts, improving internal processes. We also assisted the purchase and sale of companies or business units with economic / financial valuations.

We can help you :

  • Evaluate project profitability.
  • Rank projects based on profitability criteria.
  • Make company/business unit valuations from several perspectives for potential sale, purchase or strategic partnerships, etc.
  • Provide training in project/company evaluation.

Our services include:
Strategic Planning
Scenario Planning
Board Support
Strategic Partnerships
Business Improvements
Value Scan
Commercial Optimisation
Project/Company Valuation