Strategic Planning

Traditionally, strategic plans are developed every five years. This means that, in the intervening years, the planning expertise and knowledge can erode or be lost, as those responsible for developing the plans may move on to other functions or even leave the organisation entirely. 

We can help you develop a new strategic plan efficiently and allow you to focus on a select number of realistic strategic options.

With our vast experience in strategy, we are able to get up to speed quickly and create a new ambitious and achievable plan with you and your key staff within 3 months. This plan will be developed with a keen eye for expectations of the board and shareholders, as well as those in your organisation.

SPBI can help you when you need

  • … a new strategic plan.
    How you can optimally leverage your company’s distinctive capabilities in the coming years, allowing you to maximise the value of your company.
  • … an interim evaluation of the existing plan.
    Your organisation and the context in which it operates change. Is your strategic plan still relevant, ambitious and realistic? Such an evaluation can be requested by the CEO or non-executive board.
  • … support around board meetings.
    You want to refine structures around board meetings such as the advisory committees and flows of information for effective oversight and advice.
  • … to build or extend strategic partnerships.
    When you focus on your own distinctive capabilities, this quite often means that you can work together with third parties in other parts of your business. How do you set this up and ensure a common interest in a successful strategic partnership?

Examples where we have been involved:

  • Production increase of 30% at an oil and gas company by doubling the drilling activities. Detailed planning – e.g. recruit more people, hire new rigs, adjust terms of employment and expand schools – was required to make this a success.
  • Sale of a gas distribution company during a national crisis. By increasing margins in selected customer segments profits could be increased. This built a track record through which dividends could be paid to shareholders. At the same time the management team was trained to better handle change. This all increased confidence for a successful sale. Additionally a specialist sales team was put in place.

Our services include:
Strategic Planning
Scenario Planning
Board Support
Strategic Partnerships
Business Improvements
Value Scan
Commercial Optimisation
Project/Company Valuation