Value Scan

Investing, expanding or downsizing are decisions you take based in part on a solid understanding of the underlying value of your company.

In close collaboration with you, we will perform a Value Scan of your company with the aim of clearly identifying where money is made and lost and where potential value can be improved. We will highlight the best options for increasing the value of your company. 

This Value Scan will also allow you to make more informed decisions in the future.

How do we work?

We will study your accounts and interview key people in your organisation. We will analyse the data and present the best opportunities to increase the value of your organisation in a preliminary report that is no longer than two pages. After incorporating your feedback we will produce a final report.

Your involvement

A Value Scan is an intensive process, where you will be actively involved. You should take into account that we will need to speak to approximately five key people in your organisation. These conversations will take about one hour per person and there are generally two meetings per person.

In addition, we would normally have a minimum of three meetings with yourself as our client. Those meetings will be about the setup, initial review with a possible interim report and a final presentation.

Depending on the complexity and size of your organisation the Value Scan will take one to four weeks.

Value Scan workshop

Instead of a full Value Scan you can also choose for a one-day workshop with two to five stakeholders from your organisation. In the workshop we will take one element and work all the way through the process of a Value Scan as a joint case study. This will give you an idea how the process works and an insight into possible results.

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